• Discord 96

    15/05/2013: All maps have been made and I am now adding the water to the maps.

    20/05/2013: Water added to all areas. Working on the Spawn Map.

    22/05/2013: 2 Main Quests & 6 Side Quests Added

    11/06/2013: Work begins on designing Canterlot City

    20/06/2013: Began building Sweet Apple Acres

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  • Rhysrhys101


    October 25, 2012 by Rhysrhys101

    so im new to wiki contridution but hope to add useful info and get badges

    ps: the badges are my presous

    pps: i can not spell

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  • Dan67

    I'm trying to make a adventure based on what i can think of for now, There's not a lot of characters nor a lot of quests because it make me Extremely nervous to tailor and test each quest hoping that it doesn't mess up the whole the storyline.

    Your Avatar stars off after waking up from a Wild party last night and you can't remember what happened to yourself or to your relatives for the past day. You see an odd female Agent from the Avatar Investigation system and you approach to do your first task.

    Wtf?-Retrieve an item after killing off the wretches outside of fort cedar and return the named item "intel". she will thank you and reward you 100gold along with popping up the story.

    Little Chat-Help Nick a hardworking male NPC buy a $500 ring fo…

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