This tutorial will explain how to build a map and design one. What the designing will do is help you be prepared on creating your map. When I design my maps, I like to jot down ideas for the map in a note pad and when I like what I have I begin making a diagram for my map. You can begin a diagram by opening paint. For older computers, "Start>Acssesories>" Then look for it. You should eventually find it... Or for newer computers, Start>then type in paint. Okay. Now that you have paint open, set the size to whatever your map is. Lets say our map is 100 by 100. Now this may seem small, but that`s kind of the size of your map. That hardest thing about this is getting everything to scale, just right. For the diagram, just use squares and circles. Also lable things like "Hero Spawn" and " Enemy Spawn," and lable structures, too. When you are done, follow your diagram and create your map!

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