DarkLords of Halloween

Dark Lords of Halloween

Author: BTBuster 2010

Quick Description: A Mini-Adventure containing 11 Maps and 9 Quests, with the added challenge of gaining all of the 'Achievements' in the game.

Story Synopsis:

You are or at least were, the Darklord of Halloween. You wake up outside your castle and only one of your minions is left to explain your defeat and death sentence. Only by his intervention did you survive, but the trauma left you unable to remember any of it. You do remember that you were the Darklord before any of this happened and you must gain your way back to your castle and regain your throne. You must bring down a magical barrier being manifested by the 5 ancient evils now in control of your realms. Defeat all 5 and reclaim your castle and face the great evil known as the Hand of Death to decide who is the true Darklord of Halloween!

Additional Details:

(Achievement List)

The Quest-Start Your Quest 50g
Castle GreySkull-Find Out More About Skull Kingdom 10g
Rose Marsh?...Nah-Find Out More About The Black Marsh 10g
Harsh Roads-Find Out More About Grey Hollows 10g
Trick Or Fact-Find Out More About Halloween Town 10g
A bit Hot Here-Find Out More About The Pits 10g
Secret Achievement
Ring Of Fire- Reclaim The Pits 100g
Ghost Town- Reclaim Halloween Town 100g
AHHH My Shoes-Reclaim The Black Marsh 100g
Sister Power-Reclaim Greyhollows 100g
I Can Siege Castles Single Handed-Reclaim Skull Kingdom 100g
Spyro 2 Anyone?-Reform The Forgemaster 50g
DarkLord-Complete The Game 100g
Breakout-Free Your Lords 10g
Perfect Lord-100% The Game 100g
Marshy Problems-Complete The Ruins Sidequest 20g
Dont Bite-Meet The Vampire 30g
Im Batman-Find The Grapple Hook 20g
Arena Champion-Become Arena Grand Champion Of Skull Kingdom 25g
Self Advertising-Find Batman 25g

Halloween Town: A dark themed level with roads, paths and houses with a real dark tone.

The Pits: A Crazy Realm,very unique in design.It is filled with fire pits,an outpost,a camp,cave, a Castle and the overgrown pit.

Greyhollows:A Wasteland,a land with tribal villages and the great is also home to the Infamous Blood rivers.

Skull Kingdom: a great castle in honor of one of your most powerful lords but has now been taken over by the ancient evils,this huge castle has never been sieged before.

The Black Marsh:a lonely and abandoned land home to only the most vile creatures,this old swamps is home to a great evil and is greatly sought after by the forces of evil.


-The Spyro 2 anyone achievement is a tribute to the spyro 2 quest in which you reform a skelton by collecting his bones.

-The Self Advertising achievement is a referance to the batman knights of gotham city game currently indevelopment by BTBuster2010

-The Achievement Sister power is a referance to the creators sister who designed the map greyhollows

-The Rose Marsh ....nah Achievement is a referance to dragon age 2 in which anders and verric have a conversation about 'marshes'

-The Castle Greyskull is a clear referance to Masters of the universe which is seen as a Refuge to the main protagonist He-Man

-The Game was indevelopment for around a month for the halloween period and was released on the 31st of october along side Halloween Adventure 2011 - The Mysterious Man of Area 52 game by banddrag

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