Dawn of the Day is a main quest in Avatar Legend (Preset Adventure) that is triggered by the player walking into an event trigger in the Tutorial Area. It is the first quest the player will recieve when starting main quest line. See the walkthrough for the quest, below.

- Avatar Legend (Preset Adventure) Locations

-Previous Quest: None

-Sequal Quest: Follow the Yellowish Dirt Road

-Given By: No One


-Dawn of the Day Quick Walkthrough:

  • 1.Find your weapons.
  • 2.Talk to Adam.
  • 3.Kill the Trolls
  • 4.Talk to Frank

-Dawn of the Day Detailed Walkthrough:

Weapons Where Art Thou?

To find your weapons, follow the path and eventually you`ll come to an intersection of paths. The left path has an NPC at the end, and the right path has a chest at the end. Take the short right path with the chest at the end. Open the chest to receive your weapons to recieve the weapons.

Whats All the Ruckus?

Go back to the intersection from which you came. When coming up on the intersection of paths, take the path right path follow the road to the NPC named Adam. Talk to the Adam.

Time to do Some Killin'

After you talk to Adam. Cross the bridge and kill the first two trolls you see.

On the Road Again

After you kill the trolls head towards the watermil to the right of the bridge. Next to the watermil is a chest that contains 5 gold. After getting the chest continue back on your way and head towards the log cabin. There is a man named Frank. Talk to him and collect your reward!