Dialogue is where the player tailors the NPC's Dialogue box and upon entering dialogue you'll see the start node, press the "X"button to add a Child aka " talk node". The Player can add comments for the hero which is player 1 and add comments to the NPC as well as changing their current state like crying, clapping and surprised. You Can also put Dialogue in a Loop which it will repeats itself over and over again so it's Highly not Reccommended to add loops in your dialogue. Changing the properties will make the NPC a Merchant when you select "Shop" in the properties once done they will pop up a Buying menu for weapons, Magic, Shields, Health items and even General items. However Dialogue is very Difficult to Implement because if not done right the NPC will keep telling you to do the quest and keep giving items that were used in the quest, So it's rather best to have practice with dialogue before making them a Quest.