Fall of Kaos is an upcoming Custom Adventure DEMO as of this time. If you have any questions about the upcoming Story, please Email me at either or message me via XBox Live. My gamertag is DarkenedGamr, and no that is not a Typo, that is the gamertag.

'WARNING': This custom adventure will have themes that might be suitable to some players. So if you are against swearing, minor profanity, or crude humor, then please refrain from playing this game, and I suggest you don't continue reading if you have an issue with anything listed above. Thank you for your patronage.


Before the world, there was the Nothing, and out of this… Nothing, spurred out the Light, and the Dark. These two beings had the ability to create, destroy, and change anything. However, they saw to it themselves to only keep one of these jobs to themselves, and they took away their own ability to create change. These two beings then created the Plane of Lorem, a realm where their creations could live and prosper. The Light could create things that were beautiful, and they could Survive the Realm of which both beings created. Although the Dark lacked this ability, and attempted to corrupt all the beings and creations that the Light created. When the Light tried to intervene, the Dark attacked, and blood was spilt on both sides. Just when the Light was seeing the damage they were both causing, he pulled himself and the Dark into the Void, where both beings couldn’t do anymore damage to Lorem.


Out of the Blood of the Light came the Eight, who had the ability to create, and change anything they wanted. However, out of the Dark’s Blood came the Titans. They were beings who could corrupt, destroy, and defile anything they came in contact with, and due to this, the Eight saw the need to destroy the Titans, and they declared war against the Titans. The Eight used the mixed blood of both Light and Dark to create the humans, and with this mix, the Humans were capable of holding back the Titan’s Forces. But the Humans lacked one thing… leadership, and a connection to the Light. And so the Eight created the Human Champion Havok…


Havok was the Human’s Leader, and the Eight’s weapon against the Titans and their forces. During this time, The Titans Created their own champion out of the Corpses and Jewels of their enemies… Kaos. However, the Titans’ own champion betrayed them, and took control over them. It was at the Battle of the Rift that Havok and Kaos first Clashed swords… and both Champions almost fell in battle, if it wasn’t for their creators. The Titan’s took Kaos’ soul and Planted it in a new body, and as for Havok… his soul was preserved. And for a while, it seemed as if mankind was successful, and they all celebrated… unaware that their own Leader was preserved, for when the time came, he would need to face Kaos and his Titans once again…

Things that will be Included in the Final ProjectEdit

  • The ability to buy rooms at inns in order to fast travel to.
  • The ability to buy items should you get certain components (Crafting sort of).
  • The ability to "kill" certain NPCs with Shadow Contracts (Very limited).
  • The ability to hunt a specific type of enemy in order to make certain items (First non-tutorial creature at level 15).
  • The Ending changing based on your FINAL choice (due to the lack of moral tracking in the initial story).
  • More then 20 Main Quests Hopefully and Side Quests that intertwine with the main story in some way.
  • An actual ending that you can play past without affecting the main story).