"I can always make a sequel!!"

-King Barkers' last words

King Barkers is an NPC character and main antagonist of the Preset Adventure, who orchestrates everything in said adventure, who the player has to defeat in the final battle at the core of Doom Volcano.


King Barkers is named after BarkersCrest, the company that made the game. He is apperently very narssistic about his name, naming his city of Barkers Town after him (and having the person who made the entrance sign write "guess who this city's named after *sigh*")

Role in Preset AdventureEdit

Barkers is first mentioned by the Mayor of Hub Town, who instructs the player to complete a few quests in order to gain Barkers' trust as the hero. After entering into Barkers Town, his own personal town, Barkers instructs the player to reclaim 3 artifacts, a Dagger from the Burning Desert, a Claw from the Snowy Mountains, and a Wing from the Tropical Retreat. After aquiring all these items, Barkers then tells the player his journey is done and he sets off to rid the evil, instructing the player to not follow him. Coupled with the player's refusal to accept that his job is really done and Barkers' mistake of telling him exactly where he was going, the hero follows him and finds that he never wanted to rid all of the evil at all and shows his real intentions (literally) step by step. Barkers was humiliated for his desire to attain every X-Box 360 game known to Avatar, so he creates a game world for people to enjoy, sends monsters in to frighten the world, and then pull many Avatar characters from the Dashboard to the Game World. When he was about to use the combined artifacts to steal every virtual point in existence, thus allowing him to purchase all games. But his plan was set back when the eruption that destroyed the mining town also incapacitated Barkers, forcing him to respawn while the artifacts scatter across the world map. Rather than find them all himself, he sucks one more Avatar, the player, into the world and fashions the chest "which only the hero can open" and the players first weapons and sets him off his journey.


The Player character challenges Barkers' right to evil and Barkers in response and leads the player to the longest battle in the game. Finally , Barkers himself fights the player, who defeats him 3 times. After being defeated Barkers' final words warn the player he "can always make a sequel". He is not seen after this.