Legend of the Sword 2

Author: Libratarius

Quick Description: 41 Maps, 60 Quests, Multiple Story/Quest Lines.

Story Synopsis: The hero of Port town comes to the city of Figrost to complete his quest and stop the dark lord once and for all.

Detailed Description: (Legend of the sword 2 takes place in the mountains of Figrost after your journys in part 1 you arrive at castle Figrost to try and work with the knights and king to stop the dark lords plans .also you can join guilds .thiefs fighters and mages .fighters can buy from there guild shop very powerfull weapons unlike the mage and thief.mages learn powerfull spells as they progress through the guild but there weapons are very very weak .thiefs guild is a hidden faction you will have to speak to everyone in town as u level up to find the guild.another thingis if you become a fighter u wont get a chance to be a the start of the game you get 1 choice on what guild you wish to join.also some quests may alter others to change .to top that all off we have a bounty hunters guild this is a good way to make GOLD.the bounty hunters will give you jobs to track down bountys and the higher you rank in the guild the more gold you get.theres also a Arena o join the arena you need the right shield and sword.there is also a small shop in the main city of figrost that lets you create weapons and shields depending on what type of stones you have .detaild maps bring legends of the sword 2 to life

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