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List of Towns in the Preset Adventure. The towns here were town possibly made by Avatars who managed to create towns safe from the growing threat of monster attacks. Farms and other settlements don't count.

Hub TownEdit

Hub Town is the first town ever encountered in the game. The town is rather small compared to other towns, but that is expected. The shops contain the most basic forms of weaponry, Magic, and items. This is the place where the player receives many of his major objectives. Apperently, the Mayor of Hub Town has a considerable amount of power in the world, capable of blocking areas of the overworld, bothe areas 1 and 2.

First TownEdit

First town is a town immediatly after Hub town and is, according to the entrance sign and name, "the first real town". First town is ruled by Lord Pootington, which is the tag of one of the games creators. The Lord gives the player a minor quest corasponding to the main quest. First Town has apperently been at war with the Orcs for a long time, which provides the player with the objective of rescuing a great war hero. The Town merchandise is identical to Hub town, but the archetecture is diffrent in that there is stone walls rather than wood fences. Also there is a church, a bakery, and Lord Pootington has a castle rather than the Mayor of Hub Town's cabin. Up until the hero's arrival, the town has been suffuring a refugee crises, leaving the refugees homeless, leading the player to hire the needed peoples with housing, food, and funds for thier lives.

Doom Volcano Mining TownEdit

The Doom Volcano Mining town is a small town near the Doom Volcano Summit. It is extremly unuseful and only here for story and asthetic purposes. The Town was destroyed when the Volcano erupted, only 2 known Avatar escaped alive. The only surviving person still living in town was an Avatar who came to the town due to the great mining potential. There, he met a girl named Emilia, and the two fell in love. He also witnessed a marrige in town, but the Volcano erupted, killing most of the populus. A fatally wounded Emilia also dies later, leaving the man alone. His diary details his slow climb to insanity, winning a wrestling match against his chair and couch cushion, naming his diary pumefit (or something) and later breaking down on it, writing in Inverse Language, and even thinking Emilia is still alive and is late for "delivering the tea", and finally loses all traces of sanity as evidenced by his last entry (before giving it to you), Day 2346: Beans