Their are various monsters in the Pre-set Adventure for Avatar Legends. Here is the list:

Monster List
Skeleton Archers: Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Sharpshooter, Skeleton Master Shooter
Skeleton Warriors: Weak Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton King
Medieval Knight: Knight, Demon Knight
Cyclops: Cyclops
Troll: Newb Troll, Plains Troll, Forest Troll, Forest Troll Leader, Forest Troll Alpha, Beach Troll, Plains Troll, Tough Troll, Swamp Troll, Mountain Troll, Warrior Troll, Desert Troll, Tropical Troll, Snow Troll, Volcano Troll
Orc:Orc, Orc Leader, Orc Lord, Orc Champion, Native Orc, Orc Hero
Yeti: Aqua Yeti, Swamp Yeti, Plains Yeti, Snow Yeti, Volcano Yeti
Boss Knight: Barker Knight