"Our Darkest Corners" by: IGC Interactive

Story, Dialogue & Event Designer: iDemogoblin

Level Designer: LethalPinupGirl

Story Synopsis:

You are a detective, a member of a night shift homicide unit. Your job is to solve the crimes that no one else will. But as you go through solving case after case, your still haunted by the memory of one still unsolved; your wifes murder. Now, a mysterious phone shines some light on the cold case. Now you, your hot-headed partner and a rookie female officer will follow the breadcrumbs into the darkness.

Will you walk the line, or walk over it? You decide.

"The Episodes of a night shift Detective"

Episode 1: In this episode, you are introduced to most of the cast of characters you will see throughout the series. "Detective iDemo" your partner, "Officer Tami Krom" a rookie cop right out of academy and others. ( In developement )