ways of spiceing up quests

and hopefuly more.

so first events:

events are the most important part of a quest they take place in conversations after fights est.

to add events got to events - new in dialog or the last page of a fight

the types are:

reward - this adds xp gold or items to the player note that the added item may not nessaseraly be a reward just something you want them to have.

remove gold inventory- the oposit to reward takes gold or items away

activate quest - triggers a quest to begin e.g. after the player accepts it in dialog

complete objective - moves on to the next part of the quest

npc event - this can course a npc to appear or disappear also change there exprestion and movement

visabilaty/activated -allows you to make a building tresure chest ect to appear or disappear

show story and show message simply displays that story/ message

transport hero - moves the player to a travel location

heal hero- restors helth

unlock tresure chest - does what it says

shop - allows the player to buy items

wheather - changes the wheather

show credits - shows avatar ledgend credits

music - changes music

marker - activates a marker

alright so we are now on to show/hide witch is uesed to determen when a dialog opiton can be used e.g. if the option is to barter for a cheeper price on a iteam you may go to show - skill - speach - 5 so that the player can only use the option if they have a speach skill of 5. between show and hide you can do just about anything

this is also whare markers are handy because if you make a dialog option activate a marker and then go to show- marker - marker name it will man you can only use the second dialog option after the first in game. as you can see markers have infanet other users as well.

now the spice ok a good range of quests are inportant as well as options with in them allow the player to pick sides or ways of completing the quests have some quests that dont involve fights. remember quests can begin with items so a letter or mysterious book can begin a quest.