Author: Discord 96

Quick DescriptionEdit

You awoke in a strange land, which is under threat from The God of Chaos. You need to Armor up, Find The Elements of Harmony and Defeat him, or the world is doomed...

Story SynopsisEdit

The God of Chaos has awoken from his stone inprisionment and is causing Discord across the land... Legend says of the one who wields the Ring of the Gods will vanquish him... But they must also stop his loyal servents:

  • The Queen of Night
  • The Royal Shapeshifters
  • The King of Darkness

But bewarned... avoid the one who can break the 4th wall..

Detailed DescriptionEdit

(Curently in Progress)



  • Based on the TV Show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Making the Story appeal to everyone, not just Bronies)
  • There are many references to famous YouTubers (e.g. Yogscast, Pewdiepie, RoosterTeeth etc.)
  • Possibly one of the biggest Avatar Legends Adventures, with 60+ maps

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