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This wiki is dedicated to the xbox live indie game: Avatar Legends.

Your Avatar starts out in a strange World after aledgedly being sucked into the game world, specifically the tutorial area. After opening a chest containing a basic wooden Sword and Sheild, he proclaimed 'the Hero' by the Hub Town populace, containing everything also sucked in. It is the player`s duty to cleanse the game world problems over numorus quests.  Fixed best as possible by SonicToTheLimit

This game feature list includes:

Avatar legends

Avatar Legends Cover

Genre: Action/RPG

Platform: XBLIG

Developer: Barkers Crest Studio

Release Date: May 26th, 2011

Official Website:

-Play Mode

-Up to 6 players Xbox LIVE Multiplayer

  • Conquer preset multiplayer maps or custom multiplayer maps with friends to earn Gold and XP for avatar leveling.
  • Global High Scores.
  • Join matches in progress.

-Build Mode

-Unlockable Titles

-Unlimited Replay Value

-Much, much, more!!!

The Avatar Legends02:50

The Avatar Legends

Avatar Legends Trailer

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