SOM Aulis bucklands

a map the bucklands

the Bucklands

Game:swords of might

The kingdom of The Bucklands Is part of the Cordovian Empire,The Province is split into seven regions as followed. The Yellow Reach,The Great Hold,Morgoth Forest,The Right,Windreach,Coastway and The Rukenvial also the Ebony isles however the island residents at times all out refuse connection with the bucklands.Thebucklands has been apart of the Cordovian Empire for 500 yearsand have lived in relative peace with there cordovian neighbors(mostly due to there loose influence in the kingdom) however tensions are at boiling point recently as the empire belive they are losing there grip on the region.


The Buckland is home to the Buckar however my other races you may see in the province are as followed. Buckar(human,home region and are reknowned for there craftng and buildings)Cordovians(Human,Cordova and are reknowned for there wealth and power)Tali Shek(Horned people,T'arganock and are reknowned for there pride and honor in battle)J'org(Elf,jewett and are reknowned for there peaceful nature and crafts with medicine/potions)