The Divine Source: A Journey Through Time

Author: Darkwyve (Razor WhiteWolf)

Quick Description: 100 Maps, Nearly 130 Quests, Branching Storylines/Quests. 7 Skill Classes to Master.

Story Synopsis:

The universe was once a thriving reality seeking to expand forever into the cycle of eternity. Countless races and endless civilzations filled the vast world that once was. But now due to events shrouded in mystery and lost to the passage of time, that once magnificent land is gone and what little remains is slowly dwindling away.

You awaken, a slumbering and inactive deity in your own domain unaware of what has become of this creation while you slept. Blaming you for refusing to aid this world in its time of need, the Three Fates come and cast you down to the mortal world of man. Thrust nearly to the end of time you discover you can help rebuild this empty and desolate world by traveling through time itself.

With your extraordinary powers and memories of who you were gone, you must embark upon a journey through many time periods to defeat the cosmic threat, save all of reality, and perhaps even discover the truth about who you were and perhaps who you will become as well...

Detailed Description:

This world is 100 maps, nearly 130 quests, and 7 Skill Classes to master. (Fisherman, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Sorcerer, Gladiator, Hunter, and Archaelogist --all of which need to be completed for the Final Ending, but not the Regular Ending). You have the ability to harvest items (ore/gems/herbs/fish) which can be traded into vendors for money or used later as you increase skill classes to craft healing/saleable items, as well as weapons/armor/spells you can use (These items also 're-spawn' when you return to the main hub point in the game, so u can harvest them over and over). There are dozens of dungeons and riddles/puzzles mixed into the gameplay so its not all just combat. Hundreds of NPC's litter the world, and there is tons of dialogue/story (That changes and evolves as you affect the world). To complete the regular ending will take 12-15 hours minimum, and at least another 5 hours of gameplay in the Epilogue to get the Final Ending.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): (Coming Soon)

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